Q: How is the Islamic and security rules  and regulations in Iran?

A: All the passenger and tourists are safe in Iran. Iran is a high – security country and all bad news about Iran said in social networks are just gossip.

Q: Is hijab hard and obligatory for tourists?

A: It is necessary to wear hijab (scarf ) but it isn’t gotten tough.

Q: Will cheap and trustworthy shopping centers be offered to the tourists in tours ?

A: Definitely yes, the tour leaders will suggest the best , high – quality and cheap shopping centers to the passengers and also the tour leaders will suggest the stores where you can buy souvenirs wich show the old strong civilization of Iran.

Q: In case of any cancellation of tour program or any changes, is the money refundable?

A: Just according to the hotel and flight cancellation policy, the money is refundable.

Q: Are the tourists and passengers insured during the travel?

A: Definitely, yes

Q:How can we reserve our tour?

A: The easiest and the best way is sending email  to “ info@persiatravels.com ” , or  the other way are sending email to  and viber on +98-9354354398

Q:What is the best way of changing currency to IRR ( Iranian currency )?

A: Banks and exchange which are introduced to the passengers by tour leaders.

Q: What is the best currency to spend in Iran ?

A: Dollar and Euro

Q:Is Iran a good place for children?

A:Because of game, big zoo, parks  and garden, recreational centers and big and cheap shopping centers, Iran is the best place for children.

Q: Is Iran and appropriate place for business and trade?

A: According to the present political and economical condition, most of businessmen are traveling to Iran in over the world

Q: How can we take part in Iran exhibitions & convention?

A: It is possible by coordinating with reservation desk of persiatravels.

Q: Where can we prepare the IRR currency in Iran?

A: In the bank.

Q: How far is Imam Khomeini international airport to the city center (Tehran)?

A: It’s about 40 km.

Q: How can we get Iran visa?

A: You can fill the application visa form on visa tab on site and we will pursue your request and issue your visa.