Persia travels provides the expert & knowledgeable Russia, English, china, Korea, Spanish, French, Germany , Arabic tour leaders and translators to help the tourist in recreational, trade & business and Historical tours.


Tour leaders & translators expenses:

1-Hourly (half-day tour): The tour leaders go with The tourists in city excursion in order to show & explain the historical monuments to the tourists. It takes 4hours.


2-Daily (full-day tour): Exactly the same as hourly tour leaders but it takes 8 hours.


3-Disposal: Sometimes translators are at passenger’s disposal, hourly, in order to do their business works & help them by translating.

Tour leader’s duty:

Tour leaders, kindly, welcome the tourists & direct them from the airport to the hotel. Also they explain the rules & regulations or necessary issues regarding to the hotel accommodations & all tours.



No fee or money will be paid to the tour leaders during the trip.