Nomads of Iran

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  • Duration: 9 Days
  • Itinerary: Tehran, Isfahan, Shar-e-kord, Yasuj, shiraz, Tehran
Nomads of Iran

Nomads of Iran

Day1: Tehran-As you arrive in Tehran, you'll be transferred to the hotel. After resting and eating breakfast, you start going sightseeing and enjoy your time spending on visiting National Jewels Museum, Sa'ad Abad Palace, Carpet Museum

Day2: Isfahan- This gorgeous city is like jewel in heart of Iran that is shining for its rich culture and history and beautiful nature. You can see Chehel sotun, Jameh Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace, Imam Mosque, Sheikh lotfollah Mosque , Vank Cathedral.

Day3-4: Bakhtiari Nomad region-Shahr-e-Kord: With an attitude of 2016m above the sea, sahr-e-Kord is erected between 2 mountain-ranges and it is really intact and unknown, where then nomads live.It gives you the opportunity of visiting the Atabakan mosque, imamzade khatoon, and Bakhtiari Nomads Village.

Day5: yasuj-We drive to Yasuj and visit some monuments of this city.

 Day6: Qashqai Nomad region- shiraz: En route to Shiraz we will visit Qashqai Nomad region. Nomads are the Iranian's tribes with pastorals that travel in summer and winter. They have their own culture and convention which are entirely different. You can visit Qashqai Nomad village.

Day7: Shiraz– In Shiraz after eating breakfast early in the morning. After arriving, we will go sightseeing and have half-day tour of the Persepolis Complex, Saadi and Hafez Mausoleum and Nasir- ol-Molk Mosque.

Day8: Firuz Abad-Shiraz-We will have an excursion Firuz Abad, environs of shiraz, an old city was built in Sasanid era. It is worthy to spend your time exploring the ruins of some old monuments and visit the historical of Shiraz like: the Persepolis Complex, Saadi and Hafez Mausoleum and Nasir- ol-Molk Mosque.

Day 9: Tehran-Depart- You can leave your hotel at any time and head to the airport.